Alex Niño, is one of the UK’s leading mobility and gymnastic strength training (GST) coaches. His main focus is on the quality of his client’s movements and his approach is one of simplicity and clarity.

Heralding from Colombia, S.America, Alex moved to London in 2000 initially to study English. Whilst working as a fitness assistant in 2006 he passed his REPS Level 3 qualification and since then Alex's personal practise evolved towards natural body movement, and his own journey has taken him around the world to study with some of the most inspirational movement practitioners.  

Alex has coached hundreds of clients from a wide variety of disciplines including yoga, CrossFit, bodybuilding, weightlifting, callisthenics, gymnastics, dancers, fighters, parkour specialists and more.  

With each client my goal is to guide them through improving their body awareness, flexibility and strength to equip them for the years to come with a greater range of motion and strong resilient bodies.