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Personal Training


Make the most of what you have,
and never stop working on your weaknesses
— Alex Niño

Alex offers 1:1 sessions in Waterloo, SE1. If you’re here for a day or looking for regular coaching he will focus on your specific needs and goals. From achieving deeper backbends to straighter handstands or improving general strength and flexibility Alex will break it down and give you the tools you need to get there.

To deliver results Alex uses his unique UPEP method:

  1. Understand - the movement and requirements for it (eg. flexibility, strength, awareness)

  2. Prepare - lots of homework, conditioning, quality drills

  3. Execute - you will be taken through the movement step by step to connect the body and brain

  4. Practice - lots of it assisted and unassisted. There will be falls, mistakes and much learning in this phase.



60mins - £100

Multi session packages available, please contact us for further information.

Please contact us for prices if you'd like to enquire about Alex coming to a location convenient to you.

*payable in advance/ 48 hr notice required for cancellation to avoid being charged.


The classes are a blend of handstands, handstand press and foundational gymnastic strength training (GST) to build your strength and flexibility gradually using safe and effective methods. They will increase your range of motion through mobility drills to bulletproof your joints. 

These handstand focussed classes are the perfect place to start for complete beginners to intermediate level. With an emphasis on wrist and shoulder prep, hand placement and different techniques to build strength and confidence this class will inspire you to move past your fears and start feeling more comfortable being upside down. You will learn how to safely build a solid inversion and how to spot a partner to help bring body awareness and create a fine handstand.

Each class will look at the four elements of a handstand and use mobility drills focussed on either the shoulders, spine or hips.

The four elements of a handstand:

  1. strength and conditioning

  2. alignment

  3. balance

  4. entries into a handstand.

Limited to 14 participants 

*payable on the day/ 24hr notice cancellation period






SUNDAY 29 SEPT, 1600-1800

This workshop will explore what movement the spine is capable of and why it is the key to feeling forever young.

This practical and informative workshop will focus on the different planes of spinal movement: sagittal, frontal and transverse. There will also be in-depth practice of the three types of backbending; traction, contraction and leverage.

From this workshop, you will get the chance to explore the movement in your own spine, as well as a complete understanding of how the spine works. You will also learn how this can enhance all kinds of movement practice and also how to reduce the risk of injury as well as learning how to achieve deeper backbends in your practice.

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in longevity, flexibility and strength.




SUNDAY 29 SEPT, 10.00-12.00

£30 Early Bird


Join Alex at YogaHouse, Catford for an exclusive workshop.

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible” - Joseph Pilates

This workshop is open to beginners and intermediate level.

Alex utilises everything a human already has to develop strength and flexibility, he will show you how to use the mind, breath and body in ways aligned to natural movement, no machines or weights. Alex's method is for everyone.

For many adults the thought of inversions fills them with fear. From experienced yogis to complete beginners this workshop will empower attendees to see the world upside down whilst learning:

- the basics of a straight handstand

- understanding the elements of a handstand and how to prepare

- capacity and balance

- entries to a handstand and working with shapes

- tools for handstand press

- curating a longterm learning process - a solid handstand takes time and regular practice

- ideas for maintenance of healthy shoulders, hips and spine.

This workshop explores what movement the spine is capable of and why it is the key to feeling forever young. With practical and informative focus on the different planes of spinal movement: sagittal, frontal and transverse. There will also be in-depth practice of the three types of backbending; traction, contraction and leverage with:

-mobility work for the spine, shoulders and hips (backbends focus)

-anatomic and physiological education about the scapulae and the pelvis to enable more effective pushing and pulling patterns

- a process to increase physical awareness, and therefore more effective interaction between the nervous and musculoskeletal


Credit:  Alexis Knight


Join Alex in beautiful surroundings to practise, relax and reconnect.

Past retreats have included Morocco and Greece, Colombia and Swizterland.

Still to come this year is Mykonos in September, Kefalonia in October and Jordan in November.

See the retreats page for more details. 

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health" 

— A.J. Reb Materi


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